The project is financed with the support of the Return Fund
of the European Union

About voluntary returns


Voluntary returns allow individuals to return to their country of origin in a safe and dignified manner. A foreigner staying in the Czech Republic on the basis of Act No., 325/1999 Coll., the Asylum Act, as amended, can return to his/her homeland at the Czech Republic’s expense. The programme allows an individual to arrive in his/her country of origin as a returning tourist. The national authorities in the destination country are not informed of the arrival of a returnee or about the circumstances of the individual’s stay in the Czech Republic.


According to Act No. 325/1999 Coll., the Asylum Act, as amended, the programme is specifically intended for:

  1. a foreigner who did not submit a written application for international protection within the timeframe stipulated in Section 10 of the Asylum Act;
  2. an applicant who has submitted a written application for international protection; and
  3. a foreigner who submits a written request during the allowable timeframe for lodging a complaint against a Ministry decision in accordance with Section 32(1) or Section 32(2); within seven days of the date the decision on a complaint lodged against a Ministry decision becomes legally enforceable in accordance with special legal regulations; during the allowable timeframe for lodging an appeal; during the course of appeal proceedings; or within twenty-four hours of the time a decision on an appeal becomes legally enforceable.


In the event that a voluntary return is carried out, we will make the travel arrangements and pay for an air ticket or other travel ticket to the returnee’s country of origin, we will provide direct assistance at the time of departure and we will provide consultancy services. If it is not possible to make complete travel arrangements to the final destination, we will contribute towards the transport costs in the destination country.

In addition, if requested, we will provide accommodation during the period of time the arrangements for the voluntary return are being made, meal services or contributions towards meals and other required assistance (including, amongst other things, assistance with obtaining travel documents in those cases when they are non-existent or if they have expired, transport to the departure location, and assistance during transfers in foreign countries).


An application to participate in the voluntary returns programme can be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic at any of the Refugee Facilities Administration (RFA) offices or to the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy (DAMP). The RFA Director will make the final decision on inclusion in the programme and paying for the travel expenses. The applicant for a voluntary return will subsequently be informed of the results.

The following options are available to you for applying to participate in the voluntary returns programme:

  • - in person at the RFA office in Prague – Lhotka;
  • - in person or in writing at the DAMP; or
  • - in person at one of the asylum facilities (the centres located in Zastávka, Havířov and Kostelec nad Orlicí).